Residential Purchase

Selling and/or buying a home is probably one of the biggest transactions made in the United States that impact our real estate market. Whether a first time buyer/seller or an experienced one, Empire Escrow is determined to provide a smooth transaction between agents, lenders, and the buyer/seller. Good communication with each party enables us to better assist the buyer/seller for a more fluid and successful close of escrow.

Business Opportunity (BULK)

At Empire Escrow, we handle many variations of business transactions with expertise and knowledge ranging from markets, restaurants, gas stations, hair salons, franchise businesses, and many more. We know these types of transactions get costly, so we make it a priority to provide our clients with reasonable fees.


Whether opening with a conventional or FHA loan, Empire Escrow understands that every lender has different requirements and loan process. Our detailed oriented team makes it a priority to learn and be familiarized with a variety of lender requirements in order to prevent a delay in close of escrow. We also ease borrowers by preparing them in advance for loan document signing so that it is quick and easy.

Commercial & Investment Properties

Empire Escrow understands investing in a property can be very stressful since there is a short term goal of purchasing, then selling a property, and possibly continuing this process with multiple properties. Escrow in general is time-sensitive, so we make it our priority to make sure all documentation and clearances are met in a timely-matter, and inform our clients that we are ready for the next step so that both agents and principals feel more relaxed and comfortable to close escrow. Agents, brokers, and principals rely and trust our escrow officers to manage commercial property, industrial property, and investment property transactions.

Foreclosure/Real Estate Owned (REO)

Although beneficial for prospective investors and buyers looking for a good deal, a REO transaction can also become a bit hectic due to the many “as is” conditions, possible liens and judgments on the property, and longer processing time. However, we believe in being absolutely thorough and making sure that all parties are aware of the appurtenant documents, closing funds and amendments needed for a smooth escrow transaction. Closing of REO properties requires special attention to documents and circumstances that can be unique to these types of transactions.

Notary Public

Escrow Officers at Empire Escrow are fully commissioned Notary Publics that provide notary services for walk-in and appointment based clients. The knowledge and familiarity of variations of loan documents from lenders and other legal & recordable documents put our clients at ease during signing.