About Us

Empire Escrow, Inc. is licensed by the State of Washington Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). DFI licensed companies must meet government standards far more stringent than those applied to companies licensed through other entities.

Empire Escrow is an independent escrow company, which means we hold no affiliations with title companies, lenders, or real estate agencies. Independent escrow companies are required to be licensed and bonded and all employees must pass a background and credit check.

Our team at Empire Escrow values everyone’s specialty and expertise. We weave each professional idea and integrate them to find the most optimal solutions and results throughout the entire escrow process. The buyer and seller give the escrow officer written instructions that define the terms and conditions under which he or she is authorized to distribute funds and record legal documents. We make it our top priority to communicate and work efficiently as a unified team in order to meet deadlines and close escrow on time.

We care about our clients which is why we hope by the end of your transaction you will feel that we have provided you with the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and reliability to inspire you to come back to us with your future escrow needs. We recognize that the buying and selling of property can be intimidating to all parties involved. Our ability to earn your trust is what sets us apart from other escrow companies. Our goal is to ease your stress and guide you gingerly through the process.